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Sc-ii plastic granulator

Name:Sc-ii plastic granulator


Compared with the previous single machine model, the unit is more suitable for the regeneration and granulation of waste plastics, and more kinds of plastics are applicable. The surface finish of waste plastics with water is higher after the manufacturing of finished particles. The porosity of particles is lower after two times of step exhaust, and the output is about 10% higher than that of the same type unit. After the main machine is equipped with hydraulic screen changing die head, the unit can achieve the advantages of no shutdown, continuous strip, no manual work, no cutting corner material of the machine head can be used continuously, etc.
The main screw of the unit is made of 38grmoal special steel, which is more than 5 times longer than the ordinary 45 × carbon steel screw. The auxiliary plasticizing screw of the unit is made of 40gr, which reduces the manufacturing cost of 38grmoal special steel. This machine can also choose the automatic feeding machine designed and produced by our factory, which can realize the one-stop production of automatic conveying, feeding, plasticizing, exhausting and extruding.
technical parameter

 Model  SJ95  SJ110 SJ125   SJ150  SJ180
  Main screw diameter  95mm  110mm  125mm  145mm  175mm
Spindle speed  50-70/分  50-70/分   50-70/分  40-60/分  40-50/分
 Main motor power  11kw  18.5kw  22kw  30kw  37kw
Boundary dimension  2.0*0.6*0.7  2.4*0.7*0.7  2.6*0.7*0.7  3.0*0.7*0.8  3.2*0.7*0.8
Yield  50-60kg/h  70-100kg/h  100-120kg/h  150-180kg/h  200-220kg/h
Machine weight   0.8T   1.6T   1.8 T   2.0 T   2.2T

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